Release Notes - ICEpush - Version EE-4.2.0.GA - HTML format


  • [PUSH-380] - Samples deployment error
  • [PUSH-394] - Fix JavaDoc errors reported by Maven
  • [PUSH-399] - mobi:cloudPush notification triggered from a page is not sent if user is viewing another page with push enabled.
  • [PUSH-400] - mobi:cloudPush notification is not received if the sending browser is closed (iOS only)
  • [PUSH-415] - Upon shutdown if the MainServlet hasn't been created yet, it should not be created
  • [PUSH-416] - Do not check for PushGroupManager switch upon shutdown of DynamicPushGroupManager
  • [PUSH-417] - NPE in com.icesoft.push.Browser.Status.equals(Object)
  • [PUSH-418] - Cloud Notification's targetURI is no longer being respected
  • [PUSH-419] - Cloud Notification's forced functionality is no longer working
  • [PUSH-422] - NPE in Notification's equals(...) due to possible pushConfiguration being null


  • [PUSH-378] - Replace Cloud Push Notification support with the new Cloud Notification Service libraries
  • [PUSH-381] - Add checks for illegal arguments to the PushContext
  • [PUSH-383] - Support the old Notification Provider property names
  • [PUSH-388] - Include the uri of a cloud push notification in the public API
  • [PUSH-402] - Remove the minCloudPushInterval and its usage
  • [PUSH-413] - Make the MongoClient available through the PushInternalContext

New Feature

  • [PUSH-325] - Support Cloud Push without Ajax Push
  • [PUSH-389] - Add support for subject, detail, and uri to the JavaScript API's notify function
  • [PUSH-390] - Add new .icepush requests for adding, querying and removing Notify-Back-URIs
  • [PUSH-392] - Add persistence to ICEpush EE
  • [PUSH-397] - Provide a way for web apps to prompt users to enable cloud push as necessary
  • [PUSH-398] - Modify ICEpush bridge to use add/remove/has/NotifyBackURI functions
  • [PUSH-403] - Add ability to force a Cloud Push Notification
  • [PUSH-407] - Add the lifetime of Browser-ID to the Set-Cookie header for Browser-ID
  • [PUSH-410] - Allow for multiple pending Cloud Push Notifications for a single Browser-ID


  • [PUSH-411] - The eps.war must also include the icepush-ee.jar dependencies

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