Release Notes - ICEpush - Version EE-4.1.0.GA - HTML format


  • [PUSH-173] - ICEpush EE 3.0.0.GA - NPE on org.icepush.util.ExtensionRegistry.getBestExtension
  • [PUSH-364] - Stuck non-container thread using Tomcat 7/8 ARP
  • [PUSH-379] - Failure to listen for updates
  • [PUSH-384] - Update seen on parent window after closing of child window.
  • [PUSH-385] - bridgeit.createPushId() failing when cannot be found
  • [PUSH-409] - Multiple Cloud Push Notifications are created for the same Browser-ID from a single Out-of-Band Notification


  • [PUSH-360] - Remove the apikey from the JavaScript bridge
  • [PUSH-368] - Improve LocalPushGroupManager's queue handling
  • [PUSH-373] - Document ICEpush-EE exclusive configuration parameters
  • [PUSH-381] - Add checks for illegal arguments to the PushContext
  • [PUSH-386] - Improve HTML5 localStorage detection
  • [PUSH-387] - Avoid blocking connection switchover whenever a new window is opened

New Feature

  • [PUSH-284] - Cloud Push for Windows Mobile
  • [PUSH-358] - Add WildFly 8 stand-alone and cluster support
  • [PUSH-359] - Add Jetty 9 support for Stand-Alone with EPS Environments

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