Release Notes - ICEpush - Version 4.1 - HTML format


  • [PUSH-279] - Tomcat can't finish shutdown when EPS is deployed to it
  • [PUSH-336] - ICEpush-EE's MainServlet is not being instantiated by ICEpushResponseHandler using ExtensionRegistry
  • [PUSH-339] - Adjust push storm detection configuration values
  • [PUSH-343] - Push notifications stop when third window is opened
  • [PUSH-347] - Push updates being sent to multiple browser windows when they shouldn't be
  • [PUSH-357] - ICEfaces src bundle does not build on machine using Java 8
  • [PUSH-362] - ice.pushid params not being cleaned up and growing in number
  • [PUSH-365] - blocking connection lease expired...candidate for its creation console logs shown on loop
  • [PUSH-376] - showcase - server warning (PartialStateSaving=false)
  • [PUSH-377] - The create-push-id.icepush request should be sent asynchronously


  • [PUSH-324] - Make multi-window support optional
  • [PUSH-344] - Add httpOnly and secure attributes to the ice.push.browser Cookie
  • [PUSH-345] - Switch from using a .p12 keystore to a .jks keystore for the APNSNotificationProvider
  • [PUSH-349] - Callback mechanism for error-free blocking connection running
  • [PUSH-360] - Remove the apikey from the JavaScript bridge
  • [PUSH-366] - Lower Some NaaS code.icepush Logging levels
  • [PUSH-368] - Improve LocalPushGroupManager's queue handling
  • [PUSH-370] - Make configurable network error retries
  • [PUSH-372] - Add startup logging for ICEpush configuration parameters
  • [PUSH-374] - Add automatic retry capability for failed push update retrieval requests

New Feature

  • [PUSH-363] - Support multiple blocking connections when IE11's "New Session" is used

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