Release Notes - ICEfaces - Version EE-4.3.0.GA_P05 - HTML format


  • [ICE-11551] - ace:tabSet with scrollable tabs, width doesn't get adjusted after resizing
  • [ICE-11552] - ace:dataTable with icecore:loadBundle, values disappear on dynamic updates


  • [ICE-11554] - Address vulnerability CVE-2022-24728 in CKEditor
  • [ICE-11555] - Add proper support for the confirmation dialog before closing a window
  • [ICE-11558] - Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.22.1


  • [ICE-11548] - Eliminate or mitigate vulnerabilities in external libraries used by Icefaces
  • [ICE-11550] - Address the vulnerability CVE-2023-24998

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