Release Notes - ICEfaces - Version EE-3.3.0.GA_P09 - HTML format


  • [ICE-11511] - ace:dataTable with lazy loading in ace:tabSet is initialized on page load
  • [ICE-11512] - ace:dialog seems to take up space when toggling visibility via server
  • [ICE-11513] - Pressing Enter in ace:textEntry populates the field with inField label
  • [ICE-11515] - ace:dateTimeEntry, 'title' attribute is not being rendered
  • [ICE-11518] - ace:autoCompleteEntry is missing some pass-through attributes
  • [ICE-11519] - ice:graphicImage, mimeType attribute not working with value binding
  • [ICE-11522] - ace:dataTable, pinned columns don't scroll on Firefox
  • [ICE-11523] - ace:comboBox and ace:selectMenu don't render properly on Safari


  • [ICE-11428] - Upgrade jQuery to newer version
  • [ICE-11514] - jQuery Security Issues analysis
  • [ICE-11520] - ace:richTextEntry, timing issue with saveOnSubmit

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